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  1. Calla lily, mistakenly called arum, is certainly one of the most beautiful bulb flowers.. Arum facts, a summary. Name – Zantedeschia aethiopica Family – Araceae Type – bulbous perennial. Height – 20 to 40 inches (50 to cm) Exposure – full sun, part sun Soil – rich, well drained. Flowering – June to October. From planting to pruning, every bit of attention goes towards helping.
  2. Calla, either of two distinct kinds of plants of the arum family (Araceae). The genus Calla contains one species of aquatic wild plant, C. palustris, which is known as the arum lily, water arum, or wild calla. As a common name calla is also generally given to several species .
  3. A marsh plant (Calla palustris) of northern temperate regions, having small, densely clustered, greenish flowers partly enclosed in a spreading white spathe. Also called water arum. [New Latin Calla, genus name, from Greek kallaia, wattle of a cock, perhaps from kallos, beauty.].
  4. Plant & Bloom Calla Lily Flower Bulbs from Holland, 3 Bulbs - Easy to Grow Arum Lilies for Planting in Your Garden - Top Dutch Grown Zantedeschia - Orange Red Yellow Blooms - Orange Dream Collection. out of 5 stars $ $ FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon.
  5. Apr 18,  · Calla lilies are a beautiful addition to any garden, but you can also grow them indoors as potted plants. People love these perennial plants because the waxy and trumpet-shaped flowers come in a range of colors, because the blooms last for weeks, and because they're easy to maintain%(76).
  6. The ideal for a calla is a cloak drawn closely around the inflorescence, which describes Captain Reno® perfectly. With copious flowers tucked within the white splashed leaves, the thick spathes are so heavily pigmented pink that they blush nearly red. An added incentive is that suggestive green spur on the tip, serving as a flourish.
  7. The most popular cut flowers, the Calla Lily (Zantedeschia) can be found in different sizes and colors, including calla lily bulbs. We offer many Calla lily bulbs that bloom from June through August. The blooms are trumpet-shaped and available in an assortment of colors from yellow, pink, white, purple and pacrothocounttanwolfdastnetanryazarpay.xyzinfo Lily flower bulbs are only summer hardy, so be prepared to dig them up in.
  8. Although not considered true lilies, the calla lily (Zantedeschia sp.) is an extraordinary flower. This beautiful plant, available in a multitude of colors, grows from rhizomes and is ideal for use in beds and borders. You can also grow calla lilies in containers, either outdoors or .

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