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  1. jump the gun, Slang. to begin a race before the starting signal. to begin prematurely; act too hastily.
  2. This comedy, a British/South African co-production, takes place in Johannesburg in the post-apartheid era, and it follows six characters once culturally separated under the old regime, but now 5/5(2).
  3. Where does the phrase “jump the gun” come from? It’s believed that this expression originates from track and field racing. The reason for this is because a starting pistol (aka a gun) is commonly used to kick off these races. Indeed, when the starting pistol fires, the sound of .
  4. s Mod clothing. Welcome to Jump the Gun website, an extension to our shop in Brighton’s North Laine. Mostly own brand made in the UK or Europe.
  5. (idiom) in the sense of act with haste Some booksellers have jumped the gun and decided to sell it early.
  6. Some booksellers have jumped the gun and decided to sell it early. Synonyms: act with haste, be over-hasty, act too soon, act prematurely More Synonyms of to jump the gun See full dictionary entry for gun COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.
  7. Feb 21,  · Jumping the Gun () Jumping the Gun. To the embarrassment of his wife and their daughter, a failed but ever optimistic inventor strives to create a new Olympic sport: the meter Jump .
  8. The new executive jumped the gun by sending out the appointment letter too soon. She didn't want to jump the gun and make a statement until she had all the facts of her case. If we publish this sensitive article, the masses will be quick to jump the gun and give their own verdict based on half truths and unconfirmed news. Origin.
  9. jump the gun definition: 1. to do something too soon, especially without thinking carefully about it: 2. to do something. Learn more.

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